Sourcing Solar Inverter

FlinSlim_InverterOnce we have calculated our power needs and decided the wattage of solar panels we need, it is time to select the appropriate solar inverter. As mentioned in my previous post, solar panels product DC current, which needs to be converted to AC to run our appliances.

What is the difference between solar inverter and a traditional inverter?

Solar inverter has inbuilt solar charge controller, which is needed to charge the batteries from generated solar power. If you already have a traditional inverter, you can purchase a charge controller and use the existing one for solar power setup.  No need to buy a solar inverter.

Latest solar hybrid inverters have an option to charge batteries from mains if there is not enough solar power is produced.

Following are the list of solar inverters available online:

Luminous_UPS_SmallLuminous Solar Inverters:
500 VA: SnapDeal
850VA: SnapDeal
1500VA: SnapDeal

Su-Kam Solar Inverters:
Su_kam_UPS_small850VA: SnapDeal | Amazon
1100VA: SnapDeal | Amazon

Microtek Solar Inverters:
1130VA: SnapDeal | Amazon
1650VA: SnapDeal | Amazon

Exide Solar Inverters:
Exide_UPS_Small850VA: Amazon
1450VA: Amazon

FlinSlim Solar Inverters:
3KVA: Amazon

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  • Ajay Verma

    Thanks for sharing the valuable information. I do have a Luminous solar inverter 850 VA, What is the specification for the charge controller that needs to be installed for maintaining energy without loss?

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