Sourcing Solar Panels

solar panelSolar Panels convert sunlight into electricity. They produce DC power, which then needs to be converted to AC in order to run our home appliances like fan, light, cooler, etc. Also, the power needs to be stored in batteries to use at night as the solar panels won’t be able to produce power in the night due to absence of sunshine.

Solar panels are rated in volts and watts, for e.g., 12V100W solar panel. For power generation, we at least need 12V panels. There are also 24V panels for higher rated inverters.

For a small home, to run lights, fans, LCD/LED TV, etc., we normally take a 800VA to 1KVA inverter with 150AH tubular battery to store power. It needs at least 300 to 500W solar panels. Start with 3 x 100W panels and depending on the power consumption, you can increase the solar panels later on.

You can purchase the solar panels from the following sites:

eBay: 100W solar panels

SnapDeal: TATA 12V80W Solar Panel | Other brands

Amazon: Su-Kam 12V100W Solar Panel | Other brands

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